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Default laver and slams in the 70s

laver played wimbledon '70 and us open '70. he played aussie '71 and wimbledon '71. He was barred from playing aussie '70 and french '70 because of his ntl contract. He withdrew from french and us opens in'71 citing mental tiredness. Other wct players played both events, although most top wct players did not played the french. In '72 laver was barred from the french and wimbledon due to his wct contract. He did not enter the aussie in '72 but did play the us open, where a back injury limited his effectiveness and forced him to curtail his schedule for the rest of '72. In '73 laver skipped the aussie, withdrew from the french due to his back problem, missed wimbedon due to his back and the atp boycott, but did play the us open. In '74 laver played no slams as he cut back his schedule to concentrate on his tennis camps.

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