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Originally Posted by adidasman View Post
If you knew the Lavers, I'm happy to believe your version of events. And the fact that Laver was, and is, a truly decent man is undeniable; having met him several times and played with him twice, he's as unassuming and modest as you could want. It still kills me that, at one event, he actually came up to me on his own, stuck out his hand, and said, "Hi, I'm Rod Laver." As if I didn't know...and, hopefully, he couldn't tell I was trembling inside, standing there chatting with my all-time tennis hero. We just stood there and talked, like two buddies waiting for a court to open up. It was amazing.
Reason no. 1 Laver is the GOAT--

1. He was very humble, modest and unassuming (when he had every reason to not be)
The weak never apologize, because they perceive it as a sign of weakness. The strong easily apologize because it is a sign of their strength.
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