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Originally Posted by Tina View Post
A flexbar really helps prevent tennis elbow??
It seems to, or at least holds the promise to prevent tennis elbow.

If you go back through this section you will see several threads on the Flexbar.

It's first appearence on these boards was a posting by I think chess9 about a piece in the New York Times. It reported that at an orthopedic medical meeting a study had been done that use of the Flexbar resulted in something like 80% of patient's improving from tennis elbow, versus about 30% who improved from "usual" physical therapy measures. As far as I know, the study has yet to be published in a medical journal with all of the details.

Several people recovering from tennis elbow have posted here that it helped them.

I don't think that there is any data to show that the Flexbar prevents tennis elbow in someone who has never suffered from it. But it is generally agreed that strengthening the forearm muscles by doing wrist curls/reverse curls/twists is a way of helping to prevent tennis elbow. Finally intrigued by this device, and seeing it did not cost too much, I bought one. I think the twisting motion is unique, and different from what I could do with dumbells. Will it help me from developing a problem I've never had before? I certainly hope so.
Basically the Flexbar can strengthen the forearm muscles. Stronger forearm
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