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g4driver;4395711Here's the link I think your were referring to.
Thanks for the link.

Sure you can watch the youtube video, but if you arm is hurting, pay cash to see a PT and ask them to look at this article with you during your appointment.
No question about it, physical therapists work their "miracles" every day. Their observation and feedback based on extensive work with other patients can avoid missteps that not only can prevent people from making progress, but actually set them back as they go about their own rehab in too often the wrong way.

What I took away from the study is this approach will not prevent tennis elbow, but rather deal with effectively for not a lot of coin.
A "scientific" study to demonstrate that the Flexbar prevents tennis elbow in players who never had it will never be done. The cost of conducting such a study would be astronomical. That's because it would have to involve probably thousands of players to pass an ethics review board. Why thousands? Even though the Times article quotes that up to 50% of tennis players eventually develop tennis elbow, in any one year it is only a few percent. There are now software programs that will tell you how many people would have to be in a study in order to show there is a statistically valid difference in the two groups with a probability of less than 5 in 100 (p<.05).
But the Times did make the valid point that unfortunately most Americans have woefully weak foreams. Many take up tennis "for their health", but as they progress can hit the ball harder and harder, and start to play more and more. At some point tennis elbow happens in way too many, but at what stage of their "tennis career" is hard to predict. So my take is that it is not a bad idea to use the Flexbar as a preventative measure, even though there is no "scientifiec study" to prove this. But doing the "Tyler twist" does seem to take the hands/wrist/forearm through a more full range of motion than I was getting from doing forearm dumbell curls/reverse curls/twists.

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