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Originally Posted by Topaz View Post
It is your assumption (along with your crew) that I take it personally. It is also your false assumption that my reply to Eddy had anything to do with Jolly (or Cindy?!?).

I've said it a billion times, and I'll say it again:


*Jolly has posted comments, both from a long time ago and recent, that put down the efforts of other players. Jolly's comments were saying that he would consider a 3.5 trophy a paperweight because it so 'beneath' him...only it isn't beneath at all, is it?

*Jolly has made claims of his own playing level and teaching experience that are false.

*Jolly refuses to take responsibility or ownership of any of the things he has said, after being questioned by myself as well as others, both on and off the board. In doing so, he continues to show that he feels there is somehow something wrong with being anything lower than a 5.0, when in fact there is nothing wrong with it at all. Most of us are there...including him.

Got it?

Now, if you insist upon reading into everything as I write on this forum as being about Jolly, you are going to be awfully disappointed. My reply was to Steady Eddy. Are you guys that desperate that you are attacking things that are completely out of context and out of nowhere?

Yeah, I thought so...

I stand by my make light and put down the accomplishments and efforts of others', especially when you haven't put up any of your own, is nothing short of rude.
Post reported:

Repeated trolling and attacking of Jolly in every possible context and hiding behind convoluted arguments. Mods, stop this stalking once for all.
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