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Originally Posted by albino smurf View Post
I've been lifting, but running has been out of the question due to snowfall and ice. The hoops have been outstanding this year, as long as you are a UK fan. If your tastes swing further to the West well, sorry about your luck lil bro. The indoor courts are prohibitively expensive.
you are correct, the indoor courts are VERY expensive. you have to sign up for them well in advance or you have no chance to get one.
me and 3 other guys rented some a few years ago, but they all moved away and don't have anyone to share the cost with now.
UK basketball is good this year, thank God for that, both the mens and ladies.
but the weather still sucks and i don't think al gore has a clue about what is going on. the earth is going through a cycle, we did not burn fossil fuels 1000 years ago when the earth went through a warming cycle.
mother earth is going through her cycle. in 1976, the so called experts were predicting that we were going through a new ice age.
so again, global warming my BUTT!!!!
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