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Originally Posted by 35ft6 View Post
Roughly 400 calories? Depending on type of cereal, yogurt, milk, and size of banana.
About 400 calories? Depending on size of apple, but nuts are incredibly dense in calories. a cup of almonds is about 800 calories, so depending on how big your hand is...500 to 600 calories?
Assuming a little bit is still about a cup, and not sure what some fruits mean but 400 calories?A teaspoon of peanut butter is close to 100 calories, and my whey protein is about 120 a scoop, so about 500 calories total?I'm assuming 500 to 700 calories. Or more depending on the soup and how the chicken is prepared.

You seem to be eating anywhere from 2500 to 3000 calories a day according to this website. There's some interpretation involved, but I was erring towards the conservative side. Assuming you are 18 years old, about 175 pounds and 5'8", and exercise 5 times a week, you would need about 2500 calories to maintain weight according to this website. For "fat loss" about 2000 calories a day, and for "extreme fat loss" around 1571.

I know you said you made some adjustments, and it's only been 3 days, but you're eating a lot, man. As much as you're eating, I would kind of have to put effort into eating that much and that often. I would shoot for 1500 to 2000 calories a day, cut out a lot of the fruit, much of the yogurt, and definitely the peanut butter, and seriously cut down on the carbs after 3pm or just simply no carbs after 3.

And don't use the mirror. Like somebody said, the way you look is a better gauge when we're talking weeks and months. People imagine all sorts of crazy things looking in the mirror. Weigh yourself, but realize there will be slight fluctuation even if you're doing well. Measure yourself once a week. And eat a whole lot less. I don't even know what you drink. My god. If you're drinking soda or fruit juices or milk, that could be an extra 500 calories a day easy.

I don't agree at all. You can't use a website to determine what you need to eat to maintain. Thats EXTREMELY relative. Its based on age, metabolism, activity, food intake, etc. I eat 3600 calories to maintain and I had to eat 6K to bulk. On my cutting cycles I was eating about 3K respectively.

No carbs after 3 . . . LOL is all i have to say to that. Especially since your working out in the afternoon. No carbs after about 7 is the most extreme I would go.

Youre going to look at yourself in the mirror regardless so saying thats good / bad is pointless. Buy a set of BF calipers and learn how to take measurements. It doesn't matter how qualified you are to take them as long as you are consistant. Make sure you take your measurements in the morning.

Counting calories will drive you crazy. Go by portion sizes. A fist size is one portion. Find how many you need to maintain and subtract one for starters. Last thing you wan't to do is eat too little. Thats a recipe for water / muscle / motivation loss.
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