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Originally Posted by coyfish View Post
I don't agree at all.
You don't agree with anything I posted?
You can't use a website to determine what you need to eat to maintain. Thats EXTREMELY relative.
It's a tool, and it's only as useful as how you use the information. Regardless, way more reliable for more people than personal anecdotes.
Its based on age, metabolism, activity, food intake, etc.
I put that into the calculator.
I eat 3600 calories to maintain and I had to eat 6K to bulk. On my cutting cycles I was eating about 3K respectively.
Like you said, it's relative. You have a very high metabolism. I wouldn't use your own personal experience and start suggesting to everybody to consume 3600 to maintain their current weight.
No carbs after 3 . . . LOL is all i have to say to that. Especially since your working out in the afternoon. No carbs after about 7 is the most extreme I would go.
Yeah, it's a bit extreme. It's what Miletich makes his fighters do, but probably not sustainable for average person.
Youre going to look at yourself in the mirror regardless so saying thats good / bad is pointless.
My point is don't use that as the gauge of your success. A scale and measuring tape are way more reliable.
Counting calories will drive you crazy.
How do you know you were eating 3600 then 6000 calories a day?

It doesn't have to drive you crazy, and it's a lot more effective than going by feel.
Go by portion sizes. A fist size is one portion.
Not a bad rule of thumb for lean protein, but measuring portion and keeping track of calories aren't mutually exclusive.

The single most frustrating thing is going through all the stress, thought, and energy of dieting and exercise and seeing no results. Even becoming fatter, which is pretty common. When people see results, they think the effort is well worth it. Most diets don't work because people rely too much on "feel" and believe that there really is a way to get into shape without going hungry and without exercising. Look, it's a pain, but it gets easier, a habit, if you stick with it. I would rely on measuring tape, scale, portion control, and calories. Don't beat yourself up if you mess up every now and then. Actually, this is more general advice, the OP sounds like he's kind of already in shape but wants to get into really good shape.

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