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Originally Posted by 35ft6 View Post
You don't agree with anything I posted?It's a tool, and it's only as useful as how you use the information. Regardless, way more reliable for more people than personal anecdotes.I put that into the calculator.Like you said, it's relative. You have a very high metabolism. I wouldn't use your own personal experience and start suggesting to everybody to consume 3600 to maintain their current weight.Yeah, it's a bit extreme. It's what Miletich makes his fighters do, but probably not sustainable for average person.My point is don't use that as the gauge of your success. A scale and measuring tape are way more reliable.How do you know you were eating 3600 then 6000 calories a day?

It doesn't have to drive you crazy, and it's a lot more effective than going by feel.Not a bad rule of thumb for lean protein, but measuring portion and keeping track of calories aren't mutually exclusive.

The single most frustrating thing is going through all the stress, thought, and energy of dieting and exercise and seeing no results. Even becoming fatter, which is pretty common. When people see results, they think the effort is well worth it. Most diets don't work because people rely too much on "feel" and believe that there really is a way to get into shape without going hungry and without exercising. Look, it's a pain, but it gets easier, a habit, if you stick with it. I would rely on measuring tape, scale, portion control, and calories. Don't beat yourself up if you mess up every now and then. Actually, this is more general advice, the OP sounds like he's kind of already in shape but wants to get into really good shape.
I never told him to eat a lot or a little. I never suggested that he ate 3600 calories. I was making a point that everyone is different. I told him to find what he needs to maintain (since everyone is different) and reduce his intake by a portion size. Then watch the changes and move on from there.

I didn't agree with your advice regarding how little to eat and how "extreme" fat loss was cutting back the caloric intake significantly. That is not true. Same with cutting carbs after 3pm. When you cut you should increase your protein intake while SLIGHTLY decreasing your carb intake. If you do a low carb diet you will most likely feel weak and lose lots of water / muscle weight. Sure you will lose some fat but its not the best way. Balanced meals are always important.

I have done a bodybuilding competition and been as low as 5% BF. I have been through several cutting cycles so I know what it takes to lose BF. The same rules apply whether you are at 30% BF or 5% BF.

I have personally trained people and the biggest mistake many people make is going for HUGE changes too fast. They decide to lose fat and they eat basically no carbs and do tons of cardio. In the gym they lose strength. They feel weak and it leads to desperation and loss of motivation. That is why most diets dont work. Many diets rely on extremes. Do lots of this and little of that . . . That is a recipe for failure.
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