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Originally Posted by coyfish View Post
I was making a point that everyone is different.
Yeah, we know that. So you think those websites are useless?
I didn't agree with your advice regarding how little to eat and how "extreme" fat loss was cutting back the caloric intake significantly. That is not true.
What part of that is "not true?" What's there to disagree with? Yes, in fact, extreme weight loss would entail drastically cutting calories. I didn't tell him he had to do that.
Same with cutting carbs after 3pm. When you cut you should increase your protein intake while SLIGHTLY decreasing your carb intake.
I also suggested decreasing carbs, too. And I agree that cutting carbs in the evening might be excessive.
I have personally trained people and the biggest mistake many people make is going for HUGE changes too fast. They decide to lose fat and they eat basically no carbs and do tons of cardio. In the gym they lose strength. They feel weak and it leads to desperation and loss of motivation. That is why most diets dont work. Many diets rely on extremes. Do lots of this and little of that . . . That is a recipe for failure.
That's fine. I agree. If you do a lot of bodybuilding and have a lot of muscles, your metabolism is going to be higher. I'm guessing he's eating too much but I'll wait until he states his age, weight, and height. And I don't think keeping track of calories is a bad thing. A person might think a few glasses of juice or a few spoonfuls of peanut is okay. It's not until somebody points out the calories in such things that seem okay in terms of portion that they might realize why they're not losing weight.

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