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Originally Posted by 35ft6 View Post
Yeah, we know that. So you think those websites are useless?What part of that is "not true?" What's there to disagree with? Yes, in fact, extreme weight loss would entail drastically cutting calories. I didn't tell him he had to do that.I also suggested decreasing carbs, too. And I agree that cutting carbs in the evening might be excessive.That's fine. I agree. If you do a lot of bodybuilding and have a lot of muscles, your metabolism is going to be higher. I'm guessing he's eating too much but I'll wait until he states his age, weight, and height. And I don't think keeping track of calories is a bad thing. A person might think a few glasses of juice or a few spoonfuls of peanut is okay. It's not until somebody points out the calories in such things that seem okay in terms of portion that they might realize why they're not losing weight.
You made comments that I didn't agree with. You told him how many calories he should be eating and that he is eating way too much. Maybe he is maybe he isn't. Extreme fat loss doesn't mean cutting back tons of calories. There is no such thing as extreme fat loss. Slow and steady is what its all about. In your most recent post you ammended your previous statement by saying "weight loss" instead of fat loss like you did in your other one. Weight loss and fat loss are two very different things. Sure, cut calories like crazy and you will end up being smaller with excessive bodyfat. Just read up on jenny craig failures. SlicenDicer had a huge post in these boards where he cut back carbs / calories. Me and others kept telling him he was destined for failure but he was a nurse so he already knew it all. Long story short he lost a bunch of water. . . failed. As soon as you start eating all the weight comes right back.

You also said to stop eating or cut back on carbs after 3. That isn't the best advice especially for someone who is active (young kid). Not to mention he is working out in the afternoon most likely. Cutting carbs slightly is one thing but that comment of yours didn't come off that way at all.

When I said portion sizes you have to use a little common sense with it. You can't eat 10 portions of pasta when you should be eating 10 portions of salad and expect to lose weight. The whole goal is to eat the types of meals (clean ones) that you normally eat but measure the amounts in portion sizes. For example for dinner you have 1 portion of steak and 1 portion of veggies. Its very easy to do and just as effective as counting calories which is unecessary unless your getting very cut. Find the amount of each type of food you need to eat.

Don't take it personally. Im not trying to attack you. For some reason people get very offended when they are questioned about nutrition and fitness. I have cut and bulked several times so I know what it takes. Everyone is different but the rules are the same.
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