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Originally Posted by coyfish View Post
Don't take it personally. Im not trying to attack you. For some reason people get very offended when they are questioned about nutrition and fitness. I have cut and bulked several times so I know what it takes. Everyone is different but the rules are the same.
Nah, it's cool. I want to know his height, weight, and age, but I suspect he's eating too much. You say he might be or he might not be, and I suspect he is. And again, the information from the websites, it's a tool. Use it how you wish. It's not a dogmatic statement from God telling you how to eat. And yeah, everybody is different, but everybody is similar too in that when they expend more calories than they consume, they'll lose weight. Again, I'm simply saying I think he might be eating too much.

As for Slice and Dicer, there's millions of way to fail at losing weight. If it was simply a matter of being able to say "I know a person X who failed by doing method Z" then every plan on earth can be called into question.

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