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Originally Posted by Standupnfall View Post
Great observation. Polystar classic feels kinda soft when you clip it, the opposite of MSV focus hex
Yeah... and the softer it is (i.e. snap versus no snap when cutting)... the more it stretches on the stringing machine.

Isospeed Baseline will require 1 ratchet click on my X-2 due to stretching. The Black Magic required no ratcheting AND I even had to give it some slack before releasing the weight or it simply wouldn't level out. There is simply no stretch in the string... and I strung it at a hefty 58# (since the gut mains were already well broken in).

This is why I'm so curious about the comments about it playing so comfortably with excellent durability and long life. Based on the stringing charactieristics, I'd expect the complete opposite. I hope I'm pleasantly surprised!

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