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Originally Posted by Bud View Post
Yeah... lotta positive feedback on the GBM string. Lookin forward to tryin it out


My first impression during stringing... This is a very stiff string with little to no stretch... almost like a first generation poly. I'm curious to see what it feels like on court.
Originally Posted by Bud View Post
Naw... even when you cut it with clippers it cuts quickly and cleanly with a nice 'snap'... which means it's very stiff.

Try Isospeed Baseline... that's a soft poly. When cutting, it makes little noise and the clippers just kind of sink into the string.

I have 2 singles matches and a doubles match, tomorrow so will have a good chance to try it out.
Originally Posted by Bud View Post
Yeah... and the softer it is (i.e. snap versus no snap when cutting)... the more it stretches on the stringing machine.

Isospeed Baseline will require 1 ratchet click on my X-2 due to stretching. The Black Magic required no ratcheting AND I even had to give it some slack before releasing the weight or it simply wouldn't level out. There is simply no stretch in the string... and I strung it at a hefty 58# (since the gut mains were already well broken in).

This is why I'm so curious about the comments about it playing so comfortably with excellent durability and long life. Based on the stringing charactieristics, I'd expect the complete opposite. I hope I'm pleasantly surprised!
Just played my morning doubles and singles matches...

The Black Magic is definitely comfortable on the arm. I don't feel any stiffness or tightness. I'm pretty amazed.

Playing my afternoon singles match in half an hour and will report back later

Tonight, I'll tear out the string and replace the GG mains with Klip Armour Pro mains to stiffen up the stringbed a bit... and reinstall some Black Magic crosses. I should have replaced the GG mains last night when I installed the BM crosses... as the stringbed felt too soft today.

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