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Originally Posted by xFullCourtTenniSx View Post
hi mate, hope you are still around....

post a reply to your post at the other lead tape thread and was hoping you'd give me some advice

anyway, i'm post the same content here and hoping you will be back soon. thanks mate


hi X (aka Dr. Lead Tape)

as mentioned before, i have finally got my other FXP Prestige MP back and i have done a few measurements for you to give me advice on how to match them (as closely as possible... please)

so here they are:

FXP Prestige MP 1 (main racquet):
Weight - 356g
Head balance - 31.5cm
Current Lead tape - 4 x 4" of 1/2" width tapes at 3 and 9 oclock (my previous attempt before #2 arrived, outside the CAP)
String - Babolat Attraction Power 16 @ 60lb (eventually this will have Bab Addition 17 on it)
Grip - leather & tourna grip (matched)
Dampener - Wilson smilie

FXP Prestige MP 2 (newly acquired USED ):
Weight - 360g
Head balance - 32.75cm
Current Lead tape - 2 x 6" of 1/2" width tapes at 12 oclock (under the CAP, came with the racquet)
String - Babolat Addition 17 @ 60lb (they dont have 16 in the UK)
Grip - leather & tourna grip (matched)
Dampener - Wilson smilie

now, the tricky bits is - i much prefer the #2 setup, it just feels more solid and has a better plow through for me and enjoyed playing with it much more.

so..... i hope there is sufficient info. can you please advise me on how to match these 2 racquets as closely as possible, thanks very much

PS - is head balance 32.75cm more head heavey than 31.5cm? because #2 is more head heavy than #1

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