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Originally Posted by slice it View Post
Hey, I cant really seem to find much as far as opinions/reviews go for this shoe.

If somebody that has it can give me a mini review that would be really great. Im looking to get a new pair of shoes. I like a nice light-weight shoe and I play on clay in the winter, but with my team we play on hard-courts so i dont need anything as far as a full herringbone sole goes. I have played with Vapor 5's for the past year or so, and I liked them a lot.

If there are any other shoes that you guys recommend, feel free to comment on them as well!

Thanks for all the help!
it is greatly appreciated.

I have been playing with it since September and am very happy with it. Great performance shoe and has great cushioning and stability which is key for me since I have chronic knee issues. (Had microfracture surgery on one knee and could use the same procedure on the other knee as well)

Note that the gel resolution has a clay court version as well as one suited for all surfaces.

Here is a link to the tennis magazine review of the shoe.

Also look at the customer feedback on tennis warehouse site and various threads which you can access by doing a search on this forum.***.html
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