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Originally Posted by Bud View Post
I initially planned on using both ankle braces permanently after spraining my one ankle. However, I used them until my ankle was back to what felt like 'normal'. Today it's back to about 95% (can still be tender when stretching in certain directions).

Now, when playing, I'm much more careful and selective when quickly changing direction if someone chooses to hit behind me (which is what caused my sprain). I look at defensive play now as picking and choosing my battles, cost/benefit, etc. If I'm way behind in a game or set and given a tough defensive shot, I'll just let it go rather than risking an injury.
I am planning on using the brace until it feels 100% again. It's at about 95% right now. It feels fine, but is still sightly swollen. It did hurt a little last night after I was at the gym running sprints and doing a lot of plyometric jumping, but that was a much harder workout than I normally do so I'm not too worried.

I hurt mine playing against a friend of mine who hits a huge serve. I was standing inside the baseline returning his serve to work on my reaction time on serve returns, and when I jumped out of the way a little on one he hit right at me, I rolled it when I landed and tried to push off at the same time.
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