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Originally Posted by mmaster View Post
thanks guys... as for the doctor, i'm gonna hold off on that until it seems really bad since i have no insurance and i'm strapped for cash.

it's really bad swelling right now, i have been trying to elevate my foot to no avail. cannot put much weight on it but i am doing my hot/cold therapy right now. i've only sprained the ankle once in HS over a decade ago but i did recently tweak it snowboarding and noticed my foot/ankle would lock up.
If there is really bad swelling don't play on it real soon!

I know it must be killing you to have those racquets to playtest, but REST is essential. And if you are like most, there is no such thing as real rest for the ankle. Your school or job will keep you doing way too much walking.

If you are lucky enough to have the day off, get your feet up and keep them up. (Up means higher than your heart, or as close to heart level as possible, as that swelling fluid has to drain back into the capillaries and back through the venous system which is gravity dependent.}

Get an ace wrap, and wrap it fairly tight around the ankle. Release it and immediately rewrap it every couple of hours today. By evening you should see real progress in less swelling. But that swelling will come right back if you are up and around without that ace wrap compression (Compression is the C in RICE.)

Stay off it totally again tomorrow with your leg up and the ace wrap, if at all possible.

And during this week resist the temptation to play tennis. View this as an investment for your tennis future. You don't want to blow the whole spring season for a nagging injury. And LeeD was good enough to let us know what happens if we use the typical warrior mentality and just keep playing - ankle pain that never goes away.
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