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Originally Posted by beno40 View Post
"4) Avoid international deals. Be doubly caustious if dealing with someone outside of the USA."

Just read this on your user guide to transactions I can't believe that this is particular good advice. Whats the difference sending an item to someone in the same country or to someone who isn't, no difference whatsoever!

Paypal is not only used worldwide on auction sites but also on most internet sites around the world as away of making instant and safe payments.

There are certain guide line that paypal set out to make the transaction safe and if you follow them you won't have a problem.

I have been buying and selling on auction sites for 8 years with over 1,700 transactions using only paypal to pay and receive payments, most of those transactions in many countries and not had any problems.

I don't understand why so many of you are so dismissive of overseas transactions when it is so safe and simple.

Thanks Ben
I understand your (adamant) disagreement with this caution, but I have to agree. Shipping and dealing overseas IS much more dangerous, and that (IMHO) isn't really a point of debate. This is especially true when dealing with other forms of payment besides paypal. Trading is especially risky, if I agreed upon a trade with someone (even in the UK), and we cross shipped, and I received a brick, it would be extremely difficult (not to mention costly) to resolve the situation in an agreeable manner. The shipping is (more) expensive, customs forms (in general) require you to go in person to the courier, which is a huge turn off for me. I like convenience in my trades, and when USPS picks up the package at my door, I'm not complaining. When I have to meet their wacky hours (and go in on a lunch break) to ship a racquet, it often delays shipment.

In terms of recovering money, when using anything besides paypal, there is little to no TRUE protection to the seller. Overseas buyers (or sellers) don't have much liability when it comes to the jurisdiction of US law. I think your attitude might be very different if you've been ripped off, even just once.


This isn't to say that one should never trade overseas. For instance, If meowmix moved overseas, and we had agreeable trading terms that would benefit both of us, I wouldn't hesitate to cross-ship with him. However, if it's a new user with 0 posts... no thanks.
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