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Sorry - I won't accept dishonesty from racquet companies any more than I accept dishonesty from any other source.

I keep hoping that just one player will show that he or she has the character to refuse to play this lying game. You'd think that ONE player would have stepped up by now... but no - they all sell their integrity to the highest bidder.

Saying that Gaudio looks embarrassed is merely wishful thinking. Gaudio looks just as much constipated as embarrassed. A picture is just a fraction of a moment frozen in time. As much as it can represent an accurate view into an individual, it can just as easily represent a very inaccurate view into an individual. It's comforting for us to see 'embarrassment' in Gaudio's expression because many of us would like these guys and girls to possess at least SOME degree of integrity. Alas, wish as we might - it doesn't exist. Not at this point, at least.

The players with the 'paint jobs' are players who have achieved a certain level of success - and therefore, a certain level of financial wealth. Do they NEED the endorsement money that this lying gives them? Of course not. Wheather it is easy for us to admit or not, the fact is that it is merely about ego and greed.

I'd bet lots that 30 or 40 years ago, several players would have refused to embark in this pitiful practice. Players had stronger characters then. PEOPLE had stronger characters then.

Now, blatant and unapologetic public lying is not only very much tolerated, but is encouraged and almost universally accepted. It's quite sad what has become of humans and of humanity.
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