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Originally Posted by Racer41c View Post
Man I wished I agreed with you all. After 4 pairs of the Res I's I should have bought 10 more before they got replaced with the II's. If I ever wear out the II's I won't be buying another pair. If I don't wear them out, I'll throw them away.

I find the drag on plastic kills my feet. I had the same problem with Nike Cages. If they fit your feet fine, but if they don't they never conform to your foot. The old Res I's were some of the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn, tennis, running or whatever.
I agree with you about the Gel Res 1's.

Most comfortable tennis shoe I have ever wore. I have a few Gel 2's but they don't compare to the 1's as far as comfort, at least in my opinion.

I should have also bought more of the 1's before they stopped selling them.

Anybody ever run across any of the 1's in size 11 1/2, please give me a holler.

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