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Originally Posted by jrod View Post
The sound is caused by the upper rubber "mesh" crimping and releasing. I'm surprised to hear from the one poster who says the GR1's did the same thing for him. The uppers on the GR1's were made of a much thinner and softer mesh material. In fact, the GR1's were a better design in my view...more comfortable right out of the box. The GR2's need about 1 hour of break-in and even then they are not as comfortable as the older model. Still the most comfortable performance shoe on the market....

Not the sound I'm talking about. My GR1's squeaked non-stop. It wasn't coming from the rubber on the upper. I was from the soles. I take alot of "tiny" steps setting up to hit and found the smaller the steps the louder the squeak. I found the GR1 VERY comfy and the kangaroo leather required absolutely no break-in. They were playable out of the box. The tread wore quickly and had some smooth spots but not enough to warrant the constant squeaks and slipping that was going on. I recall playing a mixed doubles match indoors where I spent a fair amount of time on my keister. Enough so that a teammate commented in jest that I should change my shoes.
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