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Originally Posted by jcstennis View Post
Bab VS and Tourna Original are thin... Tecnifibre Players white OG is slighty thinner than SuperGrap... .50 vs .60.

I play thin leather with overgrip... i like to stretch out the leather and also stretch the OG just a little. I also rotate my leather, i like the broken-in used feel.
Thanks for the suggestions, but I'm not a sweater So Tourna original and Bab VS don't work for me.

Originally Posted by Mig1NC View Post
For a super thin OG I am currently liking Gamma Grip 2 better than my SuperGrap (which feels good, but a little too thick for what I am looking for).
you're not the first to tell me to use Gamma Grip 2 It seems to be really thin, but the problem is that I don't know where to buy it. The usual american and european webstores I usually buy from don't carry it, and TW charges a very expensive shipping rate which I can't afford, at least to by OGs all the time.

Thanks anyways! I'll try to find this OG in every store I go!

Btw, did you ever try Gamma Dermagrip? If so, do you consider it thinner than Gamma Supreme?
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