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Originally Posted by dadozen View Post
Thanks for the suggestions, but I'm not a sweater So Tourna original and Bab VS don't work for me.

you're not the first to tell me to use Gamma Grip 2 It seems to be really thin, but the problem is that I don't know where to buy it. The usual american and european webstores I usually buy from don't carry it, and TW charges a very expensive shipping rate which I can't afford, at least to by OGs all the time.

Thanks anyways! I'll try to find this OG in every store I go!

Btw, did you ever try Gamma Dermagrip? If so, do you consider it thinner than Gamma Supreme?
Dermagrip is what used to be called Gamma Smart grip. It's very thin and similar to the Gamma Supreme OG.
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