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Originally Posted by porchdoor View Post
I was curious, why is this so? What makes credit card more secure rather than using your bank account?
You have limited liability when you pay via your credit card. Generally, if you don't jump through the correct hoops using paypal, they don't try very hard to recover your funds. Furthermore, if the trader that you sent money to withdraws money from his/her account, it's gone into the ether. Paypal is not a bank, and it has no real power to recover your funds, the best they generally can do is freeze the account (stop any withdrawals, etc) until a resolution is reached. With your CC company, you can use what is commonly referred to as a "chargeback." If the other party has removed the funds, paypal gets charged.

It just adds another level of security to your transaction, but requires that the other party be willing/able (premier/business account) to accept CC transactions.

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