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Default Customer Service Tennis Tutor/Sports Tutor

Just wanted to pass along my experience recently with Sports Tutor in Burbank CA, the folks who sell and service the Tennis Tutor ball machine. I think this level of customer service should definitely influence the decision to purchase, as it makes a huge difference in the long run, and I can't say enough about how great my experience has been.

I was given a tennis tutor ball machine by a neighbor. After purchasing a new battery for it, it still didn't work, so I called Sports Tutor hoping to merely get some advice on where to take it to get it fixed. Instead, Peter Martinez spent probably an hour on the phone with me, helping me try various tests to locate the source of the problem. I should also say at this point that based on the serial number of my machine, he was able to tell me that it was manufactured between 15-17 years ago.

As part of the troubleshooting process, he shipped to me in Oakland a new power supply/charger and didn't charge me anything for it-- not even for the shipping. When that didn't get me going again, he asked me to remove and send to him the control panel. He tested it there in Burbank, and determined that the power switch, and elevation switches were worn-out, so he replaced both and sent it back to me... again without charging me anything, not even for the shipping.

I have NEVER experienced this high a level of customer service for anything I've purchased before, much less for an item I received for free that is 17 years old and quite obviously out-of-warranty. I also asked Peter if he could supply me a few parts (replacement hopper flaps, rubber feet for the unit) which I was more than willing to pay for; again he shipped me all these items at no charge.

He explained in response to my incredulity that Sports Tutor considers themselves a premier customer service company, and that it is part of their value-added to try to help their customers get the most out of their ball machines.

When it comes time for me to purchase a new ball machine, you can be sure where I will go.

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