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Originally Posted by Greek Goliath View Post
Hope you enjoy it. Personally I like TW leather the best.


Greek Goliath
Actually, I've already bought some 25mmx1.3mm last year, wrapped them, and didn't like it. I didn't even played with them. Stupid, I know.

Now I want to try them again, mostly because I get very ****ed off with regular replacement grips. They compress a lot, and sometimes when you break a stringjob in the middle of a match, you get another racquet with a new replacement grip and it feels much thicker. That ****es me off, because the feedback I get from the ball is totally different, which makes me waste time in order to adjust to it.

Thanks GG, they will be delivered today at home, so I'll wrap them as soon as I get home from work. I'll give a long run now to check if I can get used to the feeling. But I don't have high expectations since I've always preferred softer grips.
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