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Originally Posted by robJAR View Post
Some people with one-hand backhands don't really care if the grip is fully wrapped.. I think i've seen some pictures floating around where you can still see the upper part of leather grips. I'd probably do the same since i don't really need the grip to go up all the way.
You are right, but I prefer my overgrip to go all the way upto the throat.

Originally Posted by Lefty5 View Post
User Error.... I have a 4 5/8 grip and a two handed backhand. I am able to wrap the XL to the throat of the racquet, sometimes I feel like I have too much. You are obviously overlapping it WAY too much.
Yes, it was my fault. I was not paying attention when ordering. But I am not wrapping it too much. I ordered the original one, while you are talking about the XL.

I have always used wilson pro overgrips. But I don't like it that much since the recent changes they made. So I was looking for alternatives, and ordered wilson pro, yonex supergrap and tourna grip original for side by side comparison.

Thanks everybody for replying.
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