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Originally Posted by coyfish View Post
Im using the 2.3's and I love them. They break in very fast and have concealed laces so there is nothing that can pinch your toes that many people complain of. The material is this flexible "leathery" stuff that molds to your foot. I have narrow feet that are relatively flat and these shoes work great for me. Also love how the tread on the bottom of the shoe is setup.

Good durability (with 6 month guarantee) and they are on sale right now . . . Great shoe. Only negatives are breathability and weight. Not a heavy shoe but not a light one.

I also liked the asics gel res II's. They took longer to break in and pinched my toe a little bit. They were very light and comfortable after the breakin. These shoes are not for people who burn through shoes though. Low durability for a 100 dollar shoe.
The 2.3's sound not too bad right about now. Too bad the weight of the shoe isn't lighter...i wanted something very maneuverable..but then again you can't have the perfect shoe...light and comfortable. The negatives of the 2.3's are probably the worst negatives to have haha.

How are the Asics in general on the court? I've never realy heard about their performance other than for running and track and field and such.
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