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Originally Posted by abmk View Post
Here are the stats for chang vs agassi as far as returning is concerned . I checked from the atp website regarding the top 10 and top 20 players faced ..

The last row shows the percentages

I removed the david cup matches for both because I didn't the rankings for those from the atp website

as you can see from this, agassi played quite a bit more against the top 10 ( more than 3% difference ) and against the top 20 ( close to 6% difference )

Makes a huge difference ...
Chang played far more matches and despite a percentage per match against the top ten and top twenty that is less he did play against more in the top ten and top twenty. We also don't know how good the servers were even if they weren't in the top ten or twenty. Karlovic is a better server than almost anyone and he is not in the top twenty I believe. Still not convincing to me.

Also if we consider how great Agassi was as a returner, he would have done better when he was younger and you notice Chang was still ahead of him by decent margin in the beginning years.

Whether Agassi is the best returner of his era is subject to debate. However it's pretty clear to me that it's very doubtful he's the best returner of all time and that was the premise of the article.

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