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Well, I've installed one TW leather, 1.3x22mm, and I didn't like it at first. I have preferred the 25mm version, but it wasn't in stock and TW didn't even know when they would have it in stock again.

I also didn't like the grip build up, I was using a Prince Duratac replacement grip only and when it compresses it feels much thinner.

I'm using a Wilson Profile overgrip, bought a 3 pack while I wait for my Gamma Dermagrip 30 pack to be delivered home. Maybe the Dermagrip makes it feel much thinner.

I haven't hit with it yet, I'll probably do that on saturday.

Btw, I have stretched the leather grip before wrapping it, then took it off after installing for the first time in order to stretch it even more.

I'm not sure if the leather compresses a while after use, since I've never used one, but if it does compress, how long does it take?

Also( I don't think so, but ), is there a thinner leather grip?

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