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Originally Posted by pc1 View Post
Chang played far more matches and despite a percentage per match against the top ten and top twenty that is less he did play against more in the top ten and top twenty.
It's true that Chang played more matches against the top 10 and 20 than Agassi did. But as you say it's because he played more matches than Andre overall. I'm sure Chang also played more lower ranked players than Agassi did, if we're just talking about absolute numbers.

It's the percentage that counts here. Andre and Michael are practically in a tie in terms of how often they broke serve; but a greater portion of Andre's numbers, as compared to Chang, had to be won against top competition. If I'm reading ABMK's numbers correctly, I think that's what they show.

And in any case, Chang's edge in number of top players faced, as absolute numbers, is not even that large: 113-106 for top ten players, 169-165 for top twenty.
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