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I I love ProLine 2 - its such a classic poly that offers such a consistent balance and blend of good characteristics. Control, touch, feel, power, comfort, tension maintenance, longevity and reasonable crispness, bite and spin. It's a poly that you would describe as having an even 'all round' blend of good characteristics to it.

As for PL2 not offering any bite or spin, I can't agree with that. It doesn't bite or offer as much spin as something like BlackCode, but its lightyears better than something like Lux Adrenaline which really poor at biting into and spinning the ball.

I do wish that PL2 offered that little bit more spin and bite on the ball that it actually does though. BlackCode or Hex are both better in that regard, but are arguably more inconsistent or weaker in other areas particularly in terms of performance drop off.

I've tried alot of polys recently but I keep on going back to Pro Line 2. I just wish it came in colours other than red!

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