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Maybe it was my mistake and it wasn't the arch support at all. my Orthotics has plenty of arch support as is. i am thinking it was just the orthotic making the shoe narrow and that was what was making it uncomfortable ??....from TW site:

Fit: Length fit is true to size. Fits with a medium width with slight taper towards the heel for a secure fit. Arch support is slightly higher than medium height. Offers a cushioned and comfortable ride with minimal break-in required.

This means that the Orthotics that i have inserted in the shoe has raised my feet somewhat and shoe is fitting Narrow and perhaps that was what was making it so uncomfortable ??

maybe i should try the Lunarlite Vapors that has Wide fit and has more room ???

Fit: Length fit is true to size. Width fit is slightly wider than medium. Snug fit at heel for support. Arch support fits at a medium height. No break-in required.
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