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Murray Mound...

As there are no specifics about headsize/player levels or game, can you give us a quick rundown on roughly the size of each, what it might be suited for; 3.0, 3.5-4.5, 5.0+, etc... Just an idea of where you think the different frames might fall - IF you think that sort of division would be applicable....
Well....the descriptions on th site are pretty mich dead on, but I will try amd give a quickie from my iPhone:

100: this has almost the same exact specs as the babolat aeropro or pure drive . The difference is the way the racquet is constructed and the stringing scheme. shots are all easier becaise of the stringing syytem however I actaullay tightened up the strings to 62 . They come strung at unbelievably low 45 please bear that in mind when demoing. I would say the stick is good for anyone from 4.0- pro

108- does everything the 108 does but a bit easier . It's just a bit lighter and a bit bigger. I never thought I could play with a racquet this big but it's was actually fun. These sticks are so well constructed amd sp head light that you can play with any size . 3.5-pro

116- this is for a doubles specialist. Highly maneuverable stick . People are really going to LOVE this racquet. 3.5-4.5

133- this racquet looks ridiculous but plays great! If you can get by all the laughing you will love this stick. Basically you cannot miss a's unbeatable at the net in doubles. If you are slow
or a senior this is your's not only huge but it's very long....28 1/2 inches or something like that. You can chase down any ball and hit it back well. Return of serves are AMAZING. Althought the racquet is big it's HIGHLY maneuverable. Slices are awesome amd basically all you have to do is touch
the ball and you will hit a pretty big serve.
Having said all this, if you like hitting topspin then stay away from this club. The stick is probably meant for 2.0 - 4.0.
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