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Originally Posted by tailofdog View Post
I have tried almost every cutting edge inovation.The results have been the further away from a normal frame the worse they were.
The POWER ANGLE stringing pattern was a good thing but, not exceptional.
The WEED has a place in Seniors tennis has has the Big Bubba. You just have to weigh up if the good outweighs the bad for you.
Now on to the VORTEX
The balance on the 100 and 108 6pt hl suites me and i do not mind 27.5 length but on one part of the site lists the 100 as 11.2 oz strung and the other lists it as 10.8 oz strung. The 108 has a similar difference on different parts of the Vortex site.They have a string pattern that might have merit.
I would even be willing to try it. What i do know is they have no 27 in around 12 oz frames that would appeal to a lot of the serious tennis population. So they appear to be making a play for only the recreational crowd. Now they only ship to the U.S., Austria and South Africa. As i live in Australia i, have to wonder why? Our postal system is first class as would be many of the countries they exclude.
Now this is a question and a guess. They seem to be pushing an affliate program which gives a commision on sales you direct to them. I wonder if this is part of the problem on International shipping? My understanding is South Africa is not the safest place to ship to but is one of the two International countries they ship to!
It may be unfair but i have to wonder if this is more a marketing ploy than really innovative racquet.
I hope i am wrong but, I really have to ask this question.
Those Extreme Spin rackets are good for all levels of players, they are not just targetted to recreational players. I have leaded them up to 11.5 and 12 oz's by adding lead inside the throat and found that I actually liked the stock version better, which is approx to 11 oz's. Even though the RDC is like 70, the rackets play much more flexible with the string pattern that really provides great ball pocketing that results in the "extreme" spin. I like smaller head rackets like 85s to 95s but found the ES 100 very comfortable. My junior daughter actually prefers the ES 108 and has not been using her prince 03 sharapova sticks as a result now. The only negative with these rackets is with the sparse string pattern 16x14 and great spinning, you will be restringing them more frequently than the prior rackets you have played. Stringing is pretty quick and simple.

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