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Originally Posted by Murray Mound View Post
except the Vortex is not a new idea.....the Vortex is the Woodforde secret racquet. Aka among others the wilson hi-ten.

Woodforde may be the greatest doubles player ever and the Vortex was his secret weapon.

Woodfordes racquet was a slightly more open string pattern and the strings were just as thick.

I spoke with the owner of vortex and he told me that the Vortex is based on woodfordes stick aka the Wilson hi ten. But there is one major difference .

Woodfordes racquet was string extremely tightly . However the inventor of the vortex ( Tom olstead or something) found that the racquet actually played better when strung looser.

For the guy who is ordering the 116 , you are gonna love it! That racquet has received rave reviews !

But the 133 is insane and yet unbeatable I'm doubles. The racquet looks ridiculous , but if you can get by that you will be astounded. It's amazingly maneuverable and it's simply unbeatable at the net. It's not meant for long strokes but if you are at the net in doubles the nothing will get by you. It's also the absolute greatest racquet ever made for return of serves and I dare anyone to find a better racquet in that department.

But again.....the 133 looks ridiculous and because of it's wide spacing it even looks bigger .

The 116 is just about as good but manueverable . It's a doubles specialist racquetbas well and meant for volleys, serves, return of serves amd slice. This is not a topspin stick .

The 100 and 108 are meant for better players with topspin . You can use a 108 because these sticks are so unbelievably maneuverable. But I would string them tighter....I went up to 65 pounds!!! ( I play with the 100 but I love all the others as well)

I only have one dislike. I wish the frame were a bit thinner. I like a thin frame to whil topspin. Hopefully they will come out with that.
The hi-ten was a snauwaert racket. The ES is actually a cross of the chris and hiten models. Google> extreme spin, chris, and hiten and you will see a comparison. Also, the ES rackets use thin guage string and the hitens used thick guage strings, like 17g vs 12g. They were also high tensioned vs low tensions for ES rackets. The ES rackets are easy on the arm, especially at 50lbs of tenision which they play very well at.

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