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Originally Posted by joe sch View Post
The hi-ten was a snauwaert racket. The ES is actually a cross of the chris and hiten models. Google> extreme spin, chris, and hiten and you will see a comparison. Also, the ES rackets use thin guage string and the hitens used thick guage strings, like 17g vs 12g. They were also high tensioned vs low tensions for ES rackets. The ES rackets are easy on the arm, especially at 50lbs of tenision which they play very well at.
Yes and no.

The vortex also uses a gigantic 15 guage string with hex on them! Huge spin .

Woodforde also used a Wilson that was specifically made for him with a 12 x 12 string pattern. ( see below). McEnroe had said Marks "Vortex" was unfair and gave too much spin

Yes the Vortex uses a hybrid of low and high tension....thus the name vortex( shaped like a vortex or pyramid....low tension on top and higher in middle and bottom).

Again I spoke to the owner and he basically said he copied woodfordes racquet and made it better. He says woodforde was mistaken and should have used a lower tension . In any event you can string the vortex as tight as you want to mimic the woodforde "Vortex".

They are both based on the same premise . I think the vortex uses 12 x 14 and woodforde is 12 x 12. And different vortex models may be sparser stringing patterns . Ease verify the numbers.

Here is Marks Wilson "Vortex":

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