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Cool The Völk PB10 Mid Club - please join :)

I searched and could't find a club for this great frame - a frame which in my view will turn into a true classic once it has been discontinued.

I tested a PB10 Mid for a month before I decided to order a pair of this racquet. Got both from TW EUROPE and they will arrive tomorrow. Both were weight, swingweight and balance matched and they were spot on except for half a gram difference in static weight (Thanks Greg for all your help )
That's what I call GREAT quality control.

I prefer this racquet on faster courts and for doubles. I enjoy the swingweight and overall combination of feel, touch, power and control in one package.

I will have mine setup with Babolat VS Team 17 mains @ 52 lbs and then Luxilon Alu Power crosses @ 48 lbs in one of them and WeissCannon Silverstring 1.20 crosses @ 48 lbs in the other one and then decide, what I prefer (I own a reel of both strings).

Will decide if I want a Babolat or Völk leather grip on my frames.

I use a Gamma Supreme White overgrip on top of the leather grip.
The dampener of choice for this racquet was obvious for me - a black and yellow Babolat Custom Damp

Not sure if I want to add some lead at 9 and 3 on this frame yet.....

Look forward to hear how other PB10 Mid club members have their PB10 Mid frame/frames setup
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