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Originally Posted by Murray Mound View Post
Yes and no.

The vortex also uses a gigantic 15 guage string with hex on them! Huge spin .

Woodforde also used a Wilson that was specifically made for him with a 12 x 12 string pattern. ( see below). McEnroe had said Marks "Vortex" was unfair and gave too much spin

Yes the Vortex uses a hybrid of low and high tension....thus the name vortex( shaped like a vortex or pyramid....low tension on top and higher in middle and bottom).

Again I spoke to the owner and he basically said he copied woodfordes racquet and made it better. He says woodforde was mistaken and should have used a lower tension . In any event you can string the vortex as tight as you want to mimic the woodforde "Vortex".

They are both based on the same premise . I think the vortex uses 12 x 14 and woodforde is 12 x 12. And different vortex models may be sparser stringing patterns . Ease verify the numbers.

Here is Marks Wilson "Vortex":

Sorry, but using a thick gauge of string completely negates the effects of a super spinny racket, if you really want a spin machine, use at least a 16L gauge in this frame. Also, Woodforde is a 12x14. Sorry, but you're wrong...
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