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Red face Best stringing machine under $1500 for home stringer :)

I used to have access to a Babolat Star 5 machine, but not so anymore.

I would like to have a smaller cheaper stringing machine at home and my budget limit is around $1500 or in that region.

I'm new to stringing and will start slowly by experimenting a bit on some of my older racquets - hope I don't destroy them

I spend circa $300-400 yearly on having my racquets strung and I would like to slowly learn to string my own racquets and also string for some of my playing buddies (for free of course). So I will not make a living out of this, I just want a reliable solid good machine to get the job done.

I'd rather spend a couple of 100 bucks more to get a better machine that I still will love to use in 3-4 years time, than to go cheap on a cheap machine now and then later have to buy a new more advanced and more reliable machine......

I need a machine, which is available in Europe, because I'm from Scandinavia

Please be nice, as this is my first post ever in the 'Stringing Machine' forum

I use VS Team 17 nat gut in the mains in all my racquets, and have seen videos of how you have to be more precise and gentle, when you string natural gut.

Thanks to all in advance for advice !

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