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Originally Posted by tailofdog View Post
Thats what probably influnced Mark to use a wider string pattern(playing with the HITEN) What i found is he had the first Wilson drilled to meet that wide string pattern then,Wilson made a racquet for him
gotcha. I would love to hit with Woodfordes racquet but they are impossible to find so I have to settle for the Vortex.

I can say That i do notice much more spin and accuracy on the ball. Im not saying the stick will turn you into federer but it really is a breakthrough in technology.

What i dislike about the racquet is thats its way too thick for a players frame. maybe if they become a hit they will come out with a 22mm frame in say a 95 inch??? That would be a dangerous weapon!!

But on the other hand Wilson and the big boys will not allow a ma and pa company to be succesful. they will get run out of town before they let that happen. so if you are gonna get one of these sticks you dont have forever.....

Or Wilson will just buy them out like they bought out Luxilon....did you know those are actually wilson strings now?
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