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Originally Posted by Murray Mound View Post
Im not sure...but its also sorta hollow. I like a stick with some heft to it.

Its my only problem with the stick.
Ok i will pick one up for my birthday in june. It sounds like a worthwhile look.
I found a way to get one sent to Australia. I have a balance board and can probably get it to the spec i like. I use a Pro Kennex ki 15pse and its beam is a little thicker but plays well for me (i will be 62) I still have a few doubts but,a racquet that gives you any advantage is something worth looking at.
I saw Marks father a couple of years ago at a seniors tournament in South Australia. If i remember his name was Ray and i don,t think he had any unusual racquet set up.
At the time he was 75 and still winning whatever he was entered in.
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