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Originally Posted by tailofdog View Post
Ok i will pick one up for my birthday in june. It sounds like a worthwhile look.
I found a way to get one sent to Australia. I have a balance board and can probably get it to the spec i like. I use a Pro Kennex ki 15pse and its beam is a little thicker but plays well for me (i will be 62) I still have a few doubts but,a racquet that gives you any advantage is something worth looking at.
I saw Marks father a couple of years ago at a seniors tournament in South Australia. If i remember his name was Ray and i don,t think he had any unusual racquet set up.
At the time he was 75 and still winning whatever he was entered in.
let me know which on you get and what you think of it.

If memory serves me correctly there is a cheaper version of the vortex in Australia .

I think this idea was patented by some family there in australia....I think the cheaper version is the jenpro or something
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