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Thanks for all the replies

I think I may have to up my budget a bit, since I'm going for a solid constant pulling electronic machine.

How much will one of the good cheaper electronic machines cost me - I have limited my search to Europe because most shops in the US simply will not ship stringing machines to Europe because of too high shipping costs.

I buy tennis and golf gear all over the world - yen, , $ what ever - I'm buying where the service is good and the price is right

Originally Posted by Lakers4Life View Post
He can probably get a LaserFibre machine in Europe, rather than a Stringway. Though my vote goes to a Prince Neos 1500 or a Gamma 6004. I don't know what the price is in Northern Europe, do they even use Euros there?
We still use 'Kroner' in Scandinavian countries. But I buy stuff all over the world, problem is that tennis shops in the US won't sell a stringing machine to a guy from Europe because of too high shipping costs.

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Better off with a Gamma progression II or Alpha Revo 4000 and add a Wise electric tension head. If you can get it delivered to you.

Once you goto a constant pulling electronic machine nothing compares anymore.

When I switched out from crank machines to electronic machines word of mouth and the overall quality of my work gave my business a 30% increase.
I think I will have to spend a little bit more and get an electronic machine - any recommenations ?

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Wait..... was that $150 or $1500 ?
$1500 - but my budget is now $2K since I want a pretty good elctrical machine.

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ClubHoUno - Welcome to the stringing machines forum, I see you often posting your insights in the strings section.

You are in the right forum, these people here offer great advice and they don't bite.

I would say go with an electronic constant pull unit model. The crank machines people have suggested are good machines but you were spoiled using a Babolat Star 5. Will you be able to go back turning a crank as opposed to pushing a button?

One additional note: Some of these machine listed might not be available in your country.
I take all your advice and will go for an elctrical machine. Budget for that is now $2K. Is that enough ?
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