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Originally Posted by barry View Post
I would go with the Prince Neos 1500 with a Wise 2086. The portability of the Wise is amazing, it fits almost all machines, and you would have backup should the tensioner ever fail. Integrated Electronic machines are nice, but often you have to ship the entire unit in for repair or do some major surgery to get the failing component out. I am sold on the modularity you get with the Wise.

Also the new Gamma 6900 looks pretty good for a rotational gripper machine.
Thanks for advice

How much would a Prince Neos 1500 with a Wise 2086 costs me total in us$ ?

What exactly is so great about the Wise 2086 ?

Will I be able to sustain a high level of precision in tension levels, when I use the Prince Neos 1500 with a Wise 2086 compared to an electronic machine ?

Thanks in advance !
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