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Originally Posted by big bang View Post
Hey club, try talking to the guys at transocean sport, the got pretty good machines and its close to your home. they have Tyger along with other brands at ok prices.
you can also get one of the electronic pro´s pro machines in DK for around 4500 kr, and you can get it even cheaper if you order it from germany or holland.
I can give you a few links if you like.
Hey Big Bang

Thanks for advice.....

Now I'm in doubt - should I go for the the Prince Neos 1500 with a Wise 2086, a Tyger machine from Transocean Sport or maybe a full electronic ?

What would you recommend - the experienced guys do have a point. If the electronic machine stops working, I may have to send the whole thing back, while I can just send in parts, if I use a 'non electronic' machine.

Will only string 10-15 racquets a month on it, but need it to be reliable, precise and easy to use...

Thanks to all for your help and good info !!

Please keep the answers coming !
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