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i found this on The TW wesite:

Originally Posted by Mr. Tennis View Post
REVIEW: VORTEX 100 & 116.

age: 38
style of play: old school serve and volley
current racquet: Dunlop Mcenroe
strings: Gut
USTA level : 5.0

I loved botH racquets but for my style of play I liked the es 116 better. This was quite shocking as I have never played with a head size larger than 98.I was shocked at how manuverable the 116 was.

Now to Answer the question on everyones mind.....NO this stick does NOT give you some wild unfair advantage and does not produce superhuman spin that causes the ball to kick over the back fence.

Having said all that.....the strings do create great control and in the right hands this stick is a serious weapon.

The danger for thia company is copycats . I don't see how they are going to stop anyone from copying them. Sure the patent office will take your money but if challenged I don't think the patent will hold up. I mean could you stop someone from making a guitar with 3 strings on it?

I did love the racquet. Touch shots and drop volleys were dead on. Serves were great. I loved the racquet and I am going to switch to it .

Having said all of that Im not sure it's the right racquet for everyone. For my style of touch amd placement it worked great....but Im not so sure it would work well for the modern game.

I will have a friend demo a couple of the other models amd we will report back.

But I loved both sticks and I do believe the descriptions of the 116 and 100 was dead on. The 116 is shockingly for a touch serve and volley game while the 100 is for modern topspin game.

Tune in later when I test the 108 and the 133
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