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Originally Posted by big bang View Post
if you are not gonna string more than that, then I would buy either a good crank (ex.Tyger) or if you really wanna go for an electronic the pro´s pro.

the crank will last allmost forever if you choose a brand you can get spare parts for, i got a Tyger and if something breaks I just go to transocean and get it right away, big advantage!!
the Babolat I used to work on in a shop once broke and we have to ship it to france, it was sooooo expensive something like 10000 kr.. thats why my advice is...if you really want an electronic then go for something cheap like pro´s pro, you get your 2 years guaranti and if it breaks after that period then buy a new! but seriously I would buy a crank.
you can buy a good one at transocean for around 6000 kr (Tyger), but I heard good things about the pro´s pro cranks too, I just dont know if its as easy to get spare parts to as the Tyger is..
2 of my playing buddies are willing to invest 1.000 kroner each, and I get 12.000 kroner back in 'overskydende skat'/taxes, so I think I'm going to buy the electronic machine called Tyger StringUltra 630 from Transocean Sport. They offer free training in using the animal

Anyone know anything about this machine called Tyger StringUltra 630 - is it any good ?

I can get it for 10.000 kroner = circa $1.750 incl. VAT and taxes.

Would it be crazy to get that one - I intend to use for the next 10+ years.

I spend $400 = 2000 kr yearly on having my racquets strung, so in 5 years time, the machine has payed for itself.....
I spend 1-2 hours a month on bringing racquets to and from my stringer anyways.....
I expect to be able to string a racquet in 30 minutes time, once I get some experience of course.

Am I crazy

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