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Originally Posted by ClubHoUno View Post
2 of my playing buddies are willing to invest 1.000 kroner each, and I get 12.000 kroner back in 'overskydende skat'/taxes, so I think I'm going to buy the electronic machine called Tyger StringUltra 630 from Transocean Sport. They offer free training in using the animal

Anyone know anything about this machine called Tyger StringUltra 630 - is it any good ?

I can get it for 10.000 kroner = circa $1.750 incl. VAT and taxes.

Would it be crazy to get that one - I intend to use for the next 10+ years.

I spend $400 = 2000 kr yearly on having my racquets strung, so in 5 years time, the machine has payed for itself.....
I spend 1-2 hours a month on bringing racquets to and from my stringer anyways.....
I expect to be able to string a racquet in 30 minutes time, once I get some experience of course.

Am I crazy
no I wouldnt say you are crazybut I would buy something cheaper and more easy to fix if it breaks down 4-5000 for a good crank.. I saw one the other day on dba, 10 months old barely used-2200 kr!

stringultra 630 looks like a good machine, but expensive too..
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